10 Unique Christmas Records


1. Largest Christmas Store

Top of the list 10 unique Christmas records is “The largest Christmas Store”. Christmas Wonderland, found by Wally Bronner (1972-2008), has been opened since 1945, in Frankenmuth, Michigan, USA.

This store opens almost every day of year, even Christmas holiday.

Christmas Wonderland said that he had to hire more than 600 employess during the peak season.

2. Largest Christmas tree in the World

The Guinness World Records (2016) recorded Sri Lanka Christmas tree, in Colombia, as the world’s tallest artificial Christmas tree.

Sri Lanka is 72.1m (236 ft 6.58 in). It is opened on Christmas Eve 2016.

The cone-shaped tree is a steel-and-wire frame made from scrap metal and wood, and covered by plastic netting. They decorated with approximately one million natural pine cones painted gold, green, red and silver colors. It has 600,000 LED bulbs which illuminate the tree at night.

3. The most unique Christmas

It is not only people who have Christmas. The creatures living under the ocean at Florida keys National Marine Sanctuary also had an unique Christmas.

Santa brought them a merry Christmas atmosphere with a model tree. The Christmas tree is located on a reef where marine life can be enjoyed.

4. The most expensive Christmas tree

In 2010 the most expensive tree in history sprouted up at Abu Dhabi, at the luxury Emirates Palace Hotel in Abu Dhabi to be exact.

The hotel management Worth approximately $11.5 million, contain 181 diamonds, pearls, emeralds, sapphires, precious stones, ball-shaped ornaments and white lights

5. Largest collection of Santa Claus memorabilia

The Guinness World Records recognized Mr. Jean-Guy Laquerre, a teacher came from Quebec, Canada, had the most Santa-related objects.

His collection is up to 25.189 items relating to Santa Claus from 33 different countries. He has kept items related to Noel since 1988.

6. Worlds’s largest Christmas decorations factory

In China, they call Yiwu as a “Christmas village”. This village located in the west of China.

Yiwu has about 600 arsenals and factories specializing in producing Chrismas items. The output of this village accounts for two-thirds of the total Christmas decorations of the worldwide.

7. The floating Christmas tree

The floating tree at Rodrigo de Freitas lagoon in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil stands at a whopping 85 metres tall. They use more than 3.3 million light bulbs to light it.

8. The most expensive Christmas pudding

Pudding is a popular Christmas dish in Western countries. And especially, there is a pudding that costs up to 23,500 pounds (about 700 million VND).

This is a cake made by the famous chef Savoy Hotel in 2013. He used the finest ingredients to make the cake. Among them, there are bottles of perennial wine Duret 1810 Cognac costing more than 300 million.

9. Biggest Christmas Marathon

In the morning of December 13, 2015 in the Spanish capital Madrid, they organized a Christmas running competition. According to statistics, more than 13,000 Santa Clauses participated in this running competition.

With the striking red color, Santa Claus has spread the streets around the Santiago Bernabeu stadium. And this is considered as a running competition with the most Santa Claus in the world.

10. The world’s smallest Christmas card

The last of 10 unique Christmas records is the world’s smallest Christmas card.

British scientists announced in 2017 that they have created the smallest Christmas card in the world.

The size of the card is only ¼ of a hair of about 15 × 20 micrometres (1 micrometer is equivalent to 1 / 1,000,000 meters). There for, if you want to see this card, you’ll need a microscope.

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